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IWC Vintage Aquatimer Watch Looks Classic Good, Reminds You Of When Diving Was Not As Safe Watch Releases People have been diving for probably thousands of years, but it really became a science in the 20th century, after lots of envisioning occurred in the 19th century. The first diving watch was a Rolex because of its water resistance (Rolex Oyster case), but divers, like all people needed a variety. IWC decided to release the Aquatimer in the late 1960s, perhaps a little late on the bandwagon, but the Aquatimer was a nice watch. With the IWC Vintage Aquatimer, IWC pays homage to the original Aquatimer while at the same time releasing a fully capable diving instrument.

Botta Watches are designed by Klaus Botta proudly displaying his namesake and made in Germany at Botta Design's manufacture in Pforzheim . Botta design watches should not be confused with watches designed by architect Mario Botta who produces designs for Mondaine. Botta Design, like other firms such as Porsche Design, is a design firm above all else, which is typically why watches from design firms are often far more aesthetically appealing. One experiences a slightly different style philosophy when a watch is designed by an architect/industrial designer versus a watch maker alone. There is no "better" watch design origin, but you get a different flavor to the watch. The serious collector has examples from both, and on terms of design watches, Botta are an excellent example. As such they have received multiple design awards such as the Red Dot award.

Another diving feature is the watch's rotating bezel with is a pleasure to turn offering 60 satisfying clicks. Some rotating bezels I have used seem flimsy and disjointed. The Nettuno 3 bezel smoothly, yet firmly moves in one direction around the face offering time measures of up to one hour. I usually use this to measure how much time I have left on a parking meter. I now prefer watches with rotating bezels, as the added functionality is welcome to almost any watch, detracts from the look of an empty bezel which is common.

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So, although this particular Citizen Campanola packs a lot in a demure looking case, it is still very attractive and uses the finest quality materials. The strap is crocodile leather with a superb locking clasp, and the craftsmanship is top-notch. The case is antimagnetic (as all good military themed watches should be, and a 38mm in size with 20mm wide lugs. This is a good size for such a styled watch.

After Tony Stark is kidnapped, his captors probably take the Big Bang and trade it for some more arms and armor. After his daring escape and return to Malibu, we see Tony Stark wearing a Bvlgari Diagono Sport with a black face and black leather band while in a tuxedo. The watch in the movie differs from the pictured version in that the movie watch has gold screws in the lugs holding the strap in place, which the pictured watch does not. Bvlgari obviously had some sponsorship in this movie, and the next watch Downey Jr. is seen wearing is a far fancier Bvlgari.

Near the time of its release, I talked about RSW Outland Watch, and mentioned how much I liked the use of disc displays rather than hands. It is a refreshing change, and functions in what I termed a "digilog" manner because it was part digital, part analog. The outer disc displays the hour, and moving inward you get the minute, and then seconds. Since then, I have had the opportunity to learn more details about the interesting RSW Outland, which deserves additional attention given to the watch.

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Easy Looking At The Easy Diver, Dive Watch Series By Roger Dubuis Watch Releases

Temption Cora Is One Of The Finest Female Watches I Know Of: One Rare Model Available Watch Releases This is probably the first time I have ever seen ones of these watches for sale. There are perhaps a few thousand of them in the world for the entire Cora series. This diamond studded limited edition is one of only300 on the planet. I would classify the Temption Cora as a woman's watch that I wish were larger enough for me to wear, because they look so great. Temption is a German watch brand that I speak fondly of. I own a Temption CGK203 which I reviewed here. You'll notice my glowing feelings about the brand.

The base watch is the UTS Adventure II, which is one of the newer Models, and is a minimalist functional watch. A sort of German interpretation on the Panerai theory of design. Though the UTS is clearly more precise having a greater amount of minute indicators; and a date of course. This particular watch has been outfitted with a Schauer steel mesh bracelet. Mesh bracelets were popular in the 1950's for their comfortable fit and ability to wrap around diving suits wells. They lost popularity to an extent because of their difficulty in construction. Currently, Schauer probably makes the best mesh bracelets, which themselves go for about 0.

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Zenith Mega Port Royal Tourbillon Watch: Expensive Answer To Question No One Asked  Watch Buying Say, why don't they have a jumbo sized square tourbillon watch with cage bars on the crystal? Oh, well Zenith does, and this odd homage to goth time-telling befuddles my sense of association. On the one hand, you have the underpinnings of a high-quality Zenith Port Royal watch. This handsome tank watch is a modern interpretation of the classic rectangular watch look. On the other hand... you have a black titanium cage.

What I love about this watch is that both Bape and Sinn and richly sought after and high collectible. The combination of these elements will make sure this watch ends up in the right hands. Check our the Sinn EZM-1 Bape here on eBay.

One statistic I read mentioned that approximately 1 in 4 Americans will receive a traffic ticket each year. Perhaps this is why the sound of a siren behind our cars makes our stomachs sink. We know what we are in for; a humiliating lecture, a pathetic exhalation of excuses, an expensive ticket, and a feeling of wanting to make an explanatory apology call to our car insurance company. But to make it easy for you, at least most cities let you pay your fine really easily online.

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The Double Retrograde is powered by a Dubois Depraz automatic mechanical movement (one of the fancier names in watch making). Pierre DeRoche boasts that they use materials and finished often saved for movements on the dials of their watches. This give them more of an industrial look, but nothing can remove the designer quality of this timepiece.

Although the company has now very clearly moved away from this original niche market, its focus continues to remain on high-end, limited edition pieces which feature precious metals and incredible attention to detail. The Titanic DNA Day & Night is certainly no exception in this regard, the features speaking for themselves:
Movement - “RJ One”, developed exclusively by BNB Concept
Functions - Double tourbillion, differential sequential - a world first
Case - Steel and titanium, 46 mm, Bezel in stabilised oxidised steel from the Titanic, Black ceramic claws, Double-sided anti-reflective sapphire crystal and back, “stylised cross” bridges on the back, water-resistant to 50 m
Dial - Coal black, using coal from the holds of the Titanic
Bracelet/Strap - Full-skin Hornback crocodile with folding clasp
Everyone will have their own opinions on this incredible timepiece, but one thing that can’t be disputed is its uniqueness. And that is worth an awful lot of money to at least 9 people on this planet.

Suunto Core Line Is Anything But Middlestream Wrist Computer

Suunto Core Line Is Anything But Middlestream Wrist Computer

Jochen Benzinger performs what is a lost art; the idea of taking the time to decorate the fruit of one's labor. In America especially, during the 19th and early 20th centuries, furniture makers would decorate their creations with patterns, carvings, and delicate attention to detail. Part of the idea was to differentiate themselves so that the consumer knew exactly who created the furniture piece. Today, watches, like furniture before them, are produced in an assembly line with less attention given to detail, and more to volume.

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2. Find your region or country and then scroll through the list of authorized dealers and find one that is closest to you, and then contact them. If you don't live nearby and still want to consummate a sale, delivery options are available I am sure.

The Many Faces Of The Legendary Omega Speedmaster Watch Watch Buying For someone looking to acquire a Speedmaster, you really don't need to feel limited to new watches and there is a rich pre-owned market. You have several directions to go in when looking for a watch. One is a traditionalist approach looking for a classic version. Some people go for the same models that participated in the Moon landing, or other Moon missions. Other people simply like the classic looks of the early Speedmaster models and cherish the idea that some of America's 2oth century heroes wore such watches. Note that these watches are significantly different from today's models. Many are manual-wind movements requiring lots of attention to keep wound, along with having plastic crystals that are prone to scratching, but cheaply replaced. Further, case and bracelet design on early models is good, but not on par with the techniques and standards used today on most of the newer models.

Many thanks to Jay and Gary who provided more images the watch Bvlgari watches worn in Iron Man. Apparently these watches were preproduction models only lightly announced at Basel World. Here are two more Bvlgari watches shown in the movie. Both watches are in the Bvlgari Diagono line. The funny thing is that the watch displayed in the movie as Robert Downey Jr. looks at the time is set to the customary "10:10" positions that orients the hands in a way most flattering to the watch face. An obvious promotional shot orchestrated by Bvlgari, but fun nonetheless.

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To view these handsome pieces check out the Kobold Polar Surveyors on eBay here.

The Reign Of Sports Watches: What Everyone Wants To Wear

The Reign Of Sports Watches: What Everyone Wants To Wear

Being a fan of Marcello C. watches, it quickly became clear to me that the Nettuno 3 and Tridente watches were very similar. Now owning both watches, I can say that while these watches look similar, and share certain components, they are two different watches, both useful and worth coveting in their own degree. See my full review of the Marcello C. Nettuno 3 here for even more information applicable to both watches.


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Artist Profile: The Imagery Of Time With Olga Narozhna Watch Style Olga grew up in the strangest of worlds. Communism provided life essentials without any frills. Poverty was granted, and luxury was a derogatory term. While one had everything needed, there was little with which to express one’s self. Olga’s family was a bit different. “Even though communism struggled to make everyone grey and homogenized,” Olga had a few shades of color in her family. “My family was very educated and cultured,” having deep Ukrainian tradition Olga’s family has relics of the past. Embroidered furniture, China porcelain, and pictures of proud ancestors, were all things Olga had to remind her who she was, and where she came from. In that grey society she needed memory.

Inside is a trusty ETA 2824-2 automatic movement. As stated before, because Certina is part of the Swatch Group, it can enjoy ETA movement for years to come, as in 2010 ETA will no longer provide movements to any watch makers outside of the Swatch Group. Available with a black or "ivory" face, you can really see all the places that this watch might fit in, and for a few hundred bucks new, it is a decent investment or gift.

Tourneau is a New York based chain of watch stores. Appropriately, they carry a multitude of brands from the affordable mainstream to the ultra-high-end. Each store has differing brands based upon the location, but expect to find no less than 15-20 watch manufactures including Tag Heuer, Rolex, Breitling, and Longines. Brands located in the store as many high-end watch makers prefer to have just one authorized dealer in a given city. Las Vegas of course does not subscribe to this mentality or rule.

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Lucky for watch fans, Japan takes this same approach with the watches it makes. Japanese and European watches share very little in common. Other than accepting the quartz movement, there is probably little the Swiss or Germans took from the Japanese, but the same is not true in the reciprocal. Japanese designers and engineers are masters of borrowing styles, ideas, and implementation from other sources, and often improving on them. Along with that, Japan's electronic obsession has resulting in some outstanding technology.

Outcome: Although both are winners in most all regards, President Clinton beats out Mr. Schwarzenegger. Not only does he have the permanent protection of the Secret Service, but he also has been able to effectively use his accent, where Schwarzenegger still fumbles on the pronunciation of the state where he is governor.

When the strict utilitarian UTS and luxury orientated Benzinger team up, the product is something totally unexpected. A combination of German mechanical prowess and unrivaled attention to detail is displayed while viewing the face of this watch, and once again when turning it over and admiring the decorated ETA Valgranges movement through the exhibition case back.

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Alternatively, there are tools that you can use to protect your content. If you use FeedBurner, you can track where your content is going, and then contact any unauthorized people who are displaying it. It is usually a good idea to allow for some people to use your content as long as they have your express permission. FeedBurner allows for detailed tracking of what and who is reading your content. It is further recommended that you use Google Analytics on your blog or website. Google Analytics is a free and powerful service from Google that provides an amazing level of detailed information regarding access to your website. You can even perform a mere Google search on the titles of your articles or postings to see if they are placed on other sites.

Zenith Mega Port Royal Tourbillon Watch: Expensive Answer To Question No One Asked  Watch Buying One has to ask the question, do these thick black bars really do anything beneficial for the Mega Port Royal watch. Is a large, square, modern looking chronograph with a tourbillon movement unappealing alone? Visually remove the bars over the watch and I think you will agree it is much nicer (and doesn't lose anything). Further, unless you are a hardcore goth dresser, with a lots of expendable cash, who is this watch supposed to appeal to? In other words, it looks cool for what it is, but what is it?

First is the watch worn in the beginning of the movie. It was thought this was a Hublot Big Bang, and it sure looks like one, but apparently it was this Blvgari Big Bang clone watch, with similar hands, but smaller dimensions. The Big Bang is in my opinion a nicer watch, but the Bvlgari Diagono Chronograph is now slouch, through I do wish it relied on less rubber. The gold is well done on the case and face, with typical Bvlgari understated sportiness.

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