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Orient CDD00001W Pocket Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

So what is new for the RGM 300 watch? The mother of pearl dials of course. Two will be available including a standard white toned mother of pearl dial, and a black  Tahitian mother of pearl dial. Both are impossible to photograph with any real appreciation for the colors, but this will no doubt be a good look. This isn't the first time mother of pearl has been applied to a diver's watch. The Hawaiian watch brand Bathys is well-known for doing this. I think that the RGM 300 with this dial is certainly interesting because as a functionally inspired timepiece it utilizes mother of pearl as a tasteful decorative element.

See Ball watches on Amazon here.My Favorite Ball Watches At JCK, Big And Lots Of Lume Feature Articles

My Favorite Ball Watches At JCK, Big And Lots Of Lume Feature Articles
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Breitling Superocean Heritage Chronograph Limited Edition 125th Anniversary Watch Watch Releases

Attached to the watch is the requisite metal chain attached to the belt loop clip. You can remove the chain easily if you like. I tried to think about gripes I had for the watch. I really can't think of too much given the price. There are a few things about the pocket watch that make it feel different compared to other pocket watches. Such as the shape of the entire case and of course the size. Plus, you'll need to see how to incorporate a pocket watch into your life. But those are part of what the watch are, not really a problem with it. The dial is clean, easy to use and attractive. As a first manually wound mechanical movement, the caliber is just fine, and the fit and finish on the watch is good for the price of about 0 (retail is 0, but all prices online are closer to 0 or less). Also, even if you don't see yourself getting a pocket watch, apparently they make good gifts.

Normally, I wouldn't dedicated an entire post to just a new "phantom" watches, but this Fortis B-42 Black & Black Automatic Day/Date limited edition watch does something different that I really appreciate. Everything about the watch case and dial are black. Black, and more black. Hence the name of the watch. Fortis wasn't happy just being a run of the mill stealth watch. So it make the hands and day/date windows easy to read! So you get the cool look of an all matte black watch, that you don't need to struggle to read. It seems like such an obvious thing, but I haven't see it before. Plus, the hands are covered in SuperLumiNova, so they will glow (actually, the dial hour markers are also lume most likely, and glow a sort of dull gray).

One of the major characteristics about the dial is the ability to read standard and military (24 hour time). If you know whether it is AM or PM, you can easily understand what 1800 hours means with this watch. The traditional looking hands are lume covered and the right size (yay!) - while the dials function as well as the original models did. While Hamilton is an American company gone Swiss, at least the available textured leather straps on these 2009 models are made in the USA, the rest is not. There is also a rubber strap available. You'll have to go and get yourself a NATO or canvas strap for that real "original" look. There are two models here with a white and black face. I can't decide which I like better, but I am leaning forward the white - as it is more instrument minded. The black dial with orange is nice - but I don't feel like orange all the time when looking at a watch of this type so I'd opt for the monochromatic version.

There is literally a long laundry list of positive points about this watch. I rarely do this, but I pasted below words directly from Dievas on this new Vortex watch because I think they did a good job at summing the watch up. A lot to like here. Not the most original watch around, but that is not Dievas' style. They prefer to pick and choose from popular themes and come up with nice mixtures. The Vortex is a combo between a dive and aviator watch. It also takes from certain popular German functional watches like Sinn. Actually the Vortex is all made in Germany, which is not the case for all Dievas watches.

Two models of the watch will see the light of day early in 2010. In the "suede brown" color and in the "PAN AM blue." I think my descriptions match the tones pretty well - certainly reminiscent of the times. While I mentioned that the new Silverstone models are modernized, Tag Heuer actually did a lot to ensure that it would be hard to tell the difference if you sat them side by side with the originals. Efforts were taken to ensure the dimensions where the same, and little things like the pushers stayed true to the original. The watch is unique for having the watch crown on the left side of the case, and the chronograph pushers on the right side of the case. I think some of the Monaco models did that as well. By the way, the "Silverstone" name refers to a racing circuit in England.

Mondaine Railway Sport Chrono II Ref. A690.30338.11SBM Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews No man, woman, or child that I showed this new Mondaine watch too did not like it. The typical reaction was either, "now that is a nice watch," or, "oh, I really like that." This is exactly how I feel. The first things that I thought about the timepiece was exactly what I first wrote in this review. "I've never seen a Mondaine watch like that." This is still true and just as I was instantly drawn to the watch from the beginning, I am still drawn to it now - with it being of the favorite quartz movement based watches in my collection. Retail price for this Mondaine Ref. A690.30338.11SBM watch is 5, and a bit less via online stores. It should be stated that there are different versions of the watch - with leather straps, and black faces. Some have different functionality as well (such as an alarm), though this is still my favorite. I certainly recommend it for the price, functionality, and easy to love style. For those reasons it gets my Seal of Approval award.

Mondaine Railway Sport Chrono II Ref. A690.30338.11SBM Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews
Mondaine Mens Night Vision Sport Watch A6693030814SBB 5
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Mondaine Railway Sport Chrono II Ref. A690.30338.11SBM Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews
Mondaine Sport Nightvision Swiss GTLS Watch
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Piaget Emperador Coussin Moon Phase For Only Watch 2009 Sales & Auctions

Now for the little culinary tidbits. The watch has a few little "delectable" pieces. First you have the sapphire crystal of the watch. It combined with the bezel emulate the look of a glass saute pan lid cover. See it? Clever right. Then you have the crown and pushers that are meant to look like knobs on stove range. The black color also contrasts with the gold (or steel) tone for a nice look. Check out the crown guard over the crown that looks like the handles on a pot (well rendered), and the lugs that look like the connectors of a handle rod on a pan. In my opinion these elements are well integrated into the look. Almost as though they have always been design elements of timepieces. In this regard I feel as though the Culinary and watch themes really meld well together.

Movement ticking inside is 25 jeweled Swiss automatic movement ticking away 8bps (Ed. Note - likely an ETA 2824-2 or equivalent movement). Ezteem doesn't list the manufacturer on their site and I didn't ask. What I do know is that it's proven to be accurate (no scientific measurements done) and robust since my watch has taken the beatings of downhill biking, construction work, diving and usual playing around with the kids with out any issues.

The dial of the watch is an important area of discussion. Like all TX watches it is made to be visually stimulating and complex. It is busy and cluttered, but in a good way. Sort of makes you want to look at it closely to see what is going on. The dial is in a soft steel tone with a few different types of textures In a lot of angles it looks whitish to match the rest of the watch. Most of it is vertically brushed. There are also some applied plates in a rose gold tone. These match the rose gold toned hands, which are all technical in design. Then there is the neon orange. Personally I love the color and think it looks good. Some people might think it looks abrasive next to white, but everyone admits that it helps legibility and the important areas of the watch dial stand out. Like all TX watch dials, there is a good level of depth to the dial, and it does not appear flat. The dial also has a curved chapter ring around it that is a good look and helps make the dial easy to read and have a quality look about it. No doubt that it is a stylish look. The hour markers and hands have lume applied to them. The standard TX lume isn't the greatest, but gets the job done if you are in daylight for a bit. The watch crown is also in the rose gold tone and has a good looking engraving of the watch logo. A nice deep laser cut design that feels substantial. The pushers are highly polished and simple to use.

The second offering from Project X are its "Pre-Blacked" Editions. This is one of their most popular services and is very attractive. While simple in result, the process is of course complex. Here Project X takes any new Rolex watch and makes it black. The black color is accomplished via a DLC coating (diamond like carbon). Superior to PVD, DLC is a very hard and scratch resistant chemically bonded coating that covers the steel (or other metals if necessary). DLC can be done in a matte finish, or can match the various polishes present on Rolex watches (such as brushed or mirror polished). Technically DLC can be done in any color (Project X theoretically can make a Rolex watch pink if desired), but black is by far the most popular. The dial and bezel insert remain untouched.

In addition the other metals, each case has a lot of titanium in it. Likely all the PVD black coated material that you see on the case and bracelet. The cases actually are available in two sizes, either 50mm or 44mm wide. Depending on how big you want to go. The dial are functional and attractive. Nothing out of this world, but a bit more exciting looking than your average aviator inspired watch dial. The guilloche engraving on the dial steps the novelty up a notch. Avenir Chrono is beginning to remind me of a higher-end version of Formex actually, with a jewelry store twist. Pricing for the steel versions start at about ,500. Steep, but not ludicrous for a Swiss chronograph watch of limited production. Go to platinum and the prices jump to about ,000. Get some diamonds involved on one of the "Black Snow" models and you are looking at prices from between ,000 - 0,000. Now you have more ammo in your watch knowledge weapon when trying to figure out what the next urban music star you see is wearing.

Orbita Sparta 1 Tesla Watch Winder Review

Orbita Sparta 1 Tesla Watch Winder Review

Moving to the dial of the watch you are again presented with a slew of options by DWATCH. The options are all color based, but can still prove to be difficult when trying to make a decision. I think the pictured watch is a good subdued version of the timepiece. Thankfully that guy didn't go with green or orange, just good classic colors that make for a honestly handsome diver's watch.  If you check out the thread on (linked below), you can see the incredible amount of CS Superluminova on the dial of the watch and hands. Looks good right!? Even the placement of the date is nice. Sure it looks a lot like the date window on the Breitling Superocean Heritage, but that is a good think, and both watches actually share a lot. You'll notice that the hands of the DWATCH Sting Ray are a combination of two types of diver's watch hands, put together here nicely. It makes for a nice readable face, and the different style for the hour and minute hand actually helps with legibility a lot.

I find it interesting that while Casio Shock watches are extremely popular with law enforcement, military personnel and anyone else who needs a reliable durable watch - such timepieces are also very popular for the urban elite (who'd have though). Pop culture goes wild for these designs, so Casio's designers in Japan have been giving Casio Baby-G watches (Baby-G is one of the dedicated women's lines of watches from the G-Shock collections) bold looks with bight colors and interesting materials. This specific watch is sized at about 40mm wide, but does not look that big because the actual screen for the dial is smaller. It might be a little larger that most women's watches, but looks right as a Casio Baby-G on even the most petite of women's wrists. Thickness is about 12mm.


Forget for a moment that you know anything about Rolex, about the legendary Daytona, or versions like Paul Newman Daytona which is among the pictured. Focus only on the contrasting colors of the dial and the existence of the chronograph subdials. This is very important - not just that there are subdials, but that they "pop" out a bit. this is best achieved on the Paul Newman versions. There is also the almost perfect symmetry of the watch - that would be perfect save for the text and numeral differences. My first theory is that simple two-tone or other contrasts in just a few colors are the west way to create visually attractive watch face. Start to get too many colors on the dial and people might think the design too busy, too cohesive - though at the same time one color can make a watch dial look flat or boring from afar. Each of these Rolex Daytona watch perfectly captures this idea of simple contrasting colors - here in black and white. New or old, this look is timelessly well done in this range of Daytona dials. The best part of the color system is that the watch look good from inches away or from across a restaurant.

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B.R.M. 3MVT-52 Three Dial Watch Available On James List

B.R.M. 3MVT-52 Three Dial Watch Available On James List

DWATCH Sting Ray 1000m Watch Spotted Watch Releases

Congratulations to Rok from Slovenia who won last month's watch giveaway. This was the first international reader who got randomly chosen to receive the the giveaway prize. This makes sense as only half of readers are in the US - a truly global readership. Rok opted to win the 2CAN model Sl1536cch Chronotron watch from the selection of 2Can watches that the giveaway sponsor had. You can see more details about the 2CAN watch pictured here.

Looks like you need to get yourself a new watch winder. The handiest way to keep your automatic watches ready for action when you want to wear them. I used sit there and wind a bunch of automatic watches manually each day. It was a pain. If you don't wear your automatic mechanical watch for a day or two it stops. Then you need to reset it when you wear it. If you only have one watch, this isn't a problem - but as your collection grows... well you can see where these useful accessories come in quite handy. Good watch winders aren't cheap. Sure you can get Chinese made watch winders for - 0 - but you'll have to get a new one each several months. Those ones just don't last. Plus, they are often too  plasticy looking and not at all suitable for your new luxury love.

Written by Marco who sells Bell & Ross watches at Matt Baily.

Chef Anthony Bourdain And His Ernst Benz ChronoFlite World Timer Watch

Chef Anthony Bourdain And His Ernst Benz ChronoFlite World Timer Watch

I can really appreciate this watch from a functional level. Truth be told,  I don't think that Bremont had to do too much new stuff to make the Bremont Martin-Baker MB-1 or MB-2 watches as durable as they are. It was more a matter of applying existing techniques to make the watch as durable as it is. The difference really is in the physical testing that the watches underwent to test out their durability. Basically they can survive the uber amount of g-forces you experience when being ejected out of an airplane via ejection seat, and the subsequent jerky ride back to Earth.

The watch has a specially made mechanical movement that is manually wound with a 40 hour power reserve. The watch tells the time and has the date with the minutes being on a retrograde dial, and the hours on a jumping hours disc. Thus, the movement is essentially a jumping hour with a retrograde minutes, a subsidiary seconds dial, and the date - though the layout is wholly unique to Hautlence. The date window is located at about 7 o'clock, while the sub dial for the second (the seconds on a spinning disc) is at about 5 o'clock. In my opinion the watch is thoughtfully laid-out and is a positive execution of that ideal that so many independent watch makers seek - to display the time in a unique, but effective manner.