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"The hunt for diamonds goes on. We search on a daily basis for stones in the rough or polished. The best stones are rarer than anyone could ever imagine," Laurence Graff said.

And it is here where I feel the Logical One Secret misses out: it has one of the most amazing movements among independent brands and one that rightfully snatched a prestigious award from some extremely strong competitors. So far so good, and the idea to (rather ironically) hide it away from peering eyes by using a clever lid is also a very cool idea. So what is the problem?  I am sure these diamond set pieces will be fondly loved by those who thought that the original piece lacked a bit of "bling," or are just fans of the ever-lasting beauty of precious stones, and yes, the lid-idea is again, very cool. However, it actually is due to the excessive use of diamonds that the entire concept of "stealth-wealth" is shattered. There is hardly anything flashier on a watch than diamonds – and especially 181 one of them.

FPJ: Apart of my very first tourbillon pocket watch, it is certainly the Sonnerie Souveraine, the most difficult and most accomplished horological creation ever realized. It meant six years of research for the Invenit and 10 patents for the Fecit, over 500 components, 4 month of assembling, adjusting and fine tuning, and this without counting the manufacturing of the components entirely produced in our central Geneva Manufacture.

The details of the Patravi ScubaTec will show you that it isn't trying to be the next best thing in dive watch technology nor an attempt to include some new complication in a dive watch that no one has needed until now, and still won't need tomorrow. The way we see the Patravi ScubaTec is a sort of high-end interpretation of the highly popular "indy diver" watch. That means Carl F. Bucherer seems to be taking a lot of what people like and are adding their own spin on it in creating a beefy, modern looking sport watch that has legit diving potential and is something you can easily beat up a bit.

While I will be focusing on the steel version, the Tropik was also available in a bronze version with a fixed sterile bezel and distinct dial colors. The Tropik B was released first and has since sold out (as is the case with most of Halios' watches). There will be a new 2014 version of the Tropik B with new dial colors, so if you missed out on the first batch, follow Halios on Facebook to get an idea of when the 2014 Tropik B will be available. The Tropik SS in black has also sold out, but a second production run is slated for Q2 2014. 

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Hublot Big Bang Ferrari New Ceramic, Titanium, And Gold Watch Models For 2014 Hands-On Hands-On

The 6502 is probably the dressiest piece in the collection, but these are all still sport watches. The Modern Mariner Automatics have beefy steel cases that are 45mm wide and water resistant to 200 meters. Not all Luminox watches have sapphire crystals, but these watches do - with AR coating for increased legibility. You also have elements like the 24 hour scale on the dial that many people in military service prefer as they go by 24 hour, versus 12 hour time.

Zenith Pilot Montre d'Aeronef Type 20 GMT Watch Hands-On Hands-On

Visiting The Julien Coudray 1518 Manufacture: A Hidden Gem Where Watchmaking Tradition Prevails Inside the Manufacture

From there, we can continue our tour around the dial.  At the 3 o'clock position we have the power reserve indicator (the GF05 calibre boasts a 72 hour power reserve), which abuts the small seconds display at the 2 o'clock position.  All of these display features are protected by (what else) an asymmetrical convex sapphire crystal (read: hard to produce); additional sapphire crystals are found in the caseback and on the side of the case.

3D Printed Working Co-Axial Tourbillon 1000% By Nicholas Manousos Hands-On Hands-On

The Black Bay offers an excellent mix of distinctive vintage styling, Rolex build quality, and an easily serviced and reliable movement. The rosy-red bezel, gilt dial, and snowflake hour hand add a bit of flare to the basic Sub ethos that made Tudor and Rolex Subs the legends they are today. I like that the Tudor respects the core elements of the Sub backstory but has made the Black Bay their own. Price is ,500.

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Casio G-Shock GDX6900CM Camo Watches

Casio G-Shock GDX6900CM Camo Watches

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The New Nomos Lux Weissgold Watch

The New Nomos Lux Weissgold Watch

Ball Fireman Storm Chaser Pro Watch Watch Releases

So, what makes the dial unique (beyond the apparently undefinable color scheme) is the way it is produced: a single slate of PVD coated base is used, from which a micro-laser removes material with truly amazing precision. It cuts out the recesses for the subdials and creates the extremely fine protrusions for the indexes; not including of course the hand-applied red gold indexes and the luminous hour markers. The result is interesting in that not only has this new dial considerable depth and "three-dimensionality" to it, it also appears to have been made with exceptional precision–something that we have surely grown to expect from Omega...

My First Grail Watch: Manuel Emch

My First Grail Watch: Manuel Emch

Every year watch lovers and collectors in the Midwest look forward to the Watch Fair at Wixon Jewelers in Minneapolis, MN. The event brings together some of the top Swiss watch brands under one roof to offer special pricing and display an extended selection of these highly revered collections. Manufacturer’s representatives are flown in to discuss the latest trends and bring some new, unique and rare pieces to share with Wixon clients.

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The dial will likely be available in a few colors and here is shown in off-white with red accents and those clean black hands. I love the very straight-forward dial with the inner hour markers and outer minute markers. The small seconds dial balances with the date window and even though the M 29 Small Second is similar to the standard M 29, it offers a welcome additional flavor. Size on the wrist is a generous 42.4mm in width for the polished and brushed steel case. The substantial lugs and crown protectors give the watch a serious feel that allows it to look like a serious tool versus some skinny dress watch.

Dimensions are a slender 7.8mm thick, 36.8mm wide (max) by 40mm lug to lug. It's not small but can do dress or unisex. My wife is already angling to borrow it. Weight is a barely-there 47 grams. more »

Rodeo Drive Festival Of Watches In Beverly Hills October 10-13, 2013

Rodeo Drive Festival Of Watches In Beverly Hills October 10-13, 2013

SevenFriday Watches Review: P1, P2, P3 Models Wrist Time Reviews

We considered the Accutron tuning fork watch so important we included it in a list of the 10 most important electronic watches. About a decade later in 1969, the world was introduced to the quartz electronic watch that made all tuning fork watches obsolete overnight. Quartz watches were less expensive (eventually), more accurate, and had longer battery lives. Quartz watches also had ticking versus sweeping seconds hands.

Founded and designed by Ilan Srulovicz, the Egard brand is new to the watch scene. Egard was formed as a tribute from a son to his father and seeks to, “create inspiring luxury pieces that embody the depth of emotion we each feel for the person in our lives who has defined our own important moments” (seems like a lot of pressure to make a cool watch!). I really enjoy the personal dedication of the brand and the meaning behind the designs presented by Ilan.

To explain, BaselWorld, which is the largest and most heavily attended watch show in the world, is dominated by the Swatch Group, which is the largest timepiece conglomerate in the industry. Swatch owns a significant portion of the exhibiting brands, giving it a clear “advantage” when it comes to exhibit space and brand presence. The LVMH Group (Louis Vuitton Möet Hennessey) also exhibits there, as does Rolex – which is of course the largest independent watch manufacture in the industry. In short, it is a full house of competing luxury brands, and the creation of SIHH was a way for a few of them to distinguish themselves and stand out to attendees to get undivided attention for their products. Today, SIHH is primarily a Richemont Group affair, and seeing as Richemont brands are primarily high end, it makes for a difference in presentation throughout the event. I should disclose that I haven’t personally attended BaselWorld, so I won’t make any further comparisons to it, but I will convey this: Richemont and their collaborative independents have gone to a lot of trouble to differentiate the SIHH experience from that of BaselWorld, and it is an extremely posh and luxurious atmosphere, which we will get into shortly.

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It's November in the Jura region of Switzerland in a small town none of us have heard of called Chevenez. It begins to snow outside as we tour the modern black and white colored grounds of TAG Heuer's newest facility known as the d'Avant-Garde Manufacture. Recently completed, the new manufacturing site began recently in 2012. Now that it is done, the location will be the epicenter of TAG Heuer mechanical chronograph movement production including the just announced Calibre 1969, which later has been renamed to the TAG Heuer Calibre CH 80.

Patek Philippe Nautilus Travel Time Chronograph 5990/1A Watch In Steel Watch Releases