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Beijing Watch Factory Wu Ji “Infinite Universe” Bi-Axial Tourbillon Watch Hands-On

Beijing Watch Factory Wu Ji “Infinite Universe” Bi-Axial Tourbillon Watch Hands-On

Regulating a watch is rather frustrating, because it involves tiny, precise changes to a movement by turning little screws or pushing tiny levers. Timing machines (often made by the brand Witschi) are used to offer real-time feedback on just how accurate the movement is by literally listening to the beat of the escapement. These however aren't exactly portable. What Urwerk has done is create a sort of portable electronic timing machine that is permanently connected to a mechanical movement. This is combined with offering easy to access "fine adjustment" tools on the movement so that you can not only measure of the accuracy of the EMC movement in real-time, you can adjust it as well. This is cool, but also completely insane and perhaps beautifully obsessive. Last year Bulova released a watch that allows the user (versus watch maker) to finely adjust their watch with the Accutron Calibrator timepiece - but you needed to test the accuracy independently.

Carl F. Bucherer may choose 2013 and 2014 as the right moment in the brand's existence to share their long history. Coinciding with this desire to open up about their past, they have just released their first tourbillon with the limited edition Manero Tourbillon watch. Why did they wait until now to discuss the brand's origins? Well, it really has to do with the brand wanting to distinguish itself from its "parent." What we have here is the story of a teenager growing up. The Carl F. Bucherer watch brand stems from the Bucherer family that owns the important watch retailer - which did have a lot of watches in the past. Their vintage collection is quite impressive.

MB: I started with seven years at Jaeger-LeCoultre which was an incredible experience because I learned how to work, I learned about beautiful watch making. Jaeger also reinforced the strong ethics my parents had passed on to me.

TAG Heuer Carrera CMC Concept Chronograph Watch Watch Releases

MB&F HM4 Final Edition Watch Hands-On Hands-On

Smartwatches Hot? One Kickstarter Project Certainly Thinks So Watch Industry News

Jaquet Droz The Charming Bird Automaton Watch Sings And Dances Watch Releases

Earlier this month HYT shared with us a picture of the rear of the HYT H2's movement here. Looking like a robot face, the image was a prelude of a technically marvelous watch to come that was as much about design and style as it was about horology. HYT worked with APRP's Giulio Papi to help design and produce the H2's movement. In short, the movement actually has less complications than the first (with the removal of the subsidiary seconds dial). However, with an increased power reserve and more complex architecture, the H2's movement is much more of a technical challenge.

Overall, this is a well made watch in versatile style for the man wanting a modern size. I'd suggest looking at the other dial colors as well, as the polished hands on silver dials are sometimes hard to read, the darker dials should be more legible Price is ,500.

Furthermore, like the actual moon watch, the .861 features a manual winding movement – a must have feature on a Speedmaster Professional.  .861 Speedmasters started being manufactured en masse before the moon landing and the movement is still used in a modified form today.  There are plenty of them out there on the secondary market to choose from, however the most desirable versions are the 1968-1969 “Pre Moon” Speedmasters with the traditional Omega Seahorse case back engraving, or the 1969-1970 versions with the “First Watch Worn On The Moon” case back.  Subsequent models (including those still manufactured today) feature a much busier case back with additional printing which are much more commonly found on the secondary market.

Breitling At The Reno Air Races Shows & Events

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The event will begin at 6pm in the Girard-Perregaux boutique located at 701 Madison Avenue (between 62nd and 63rd Street). At 8pm we will move over to Club Macanudo for additional libations, available food, and cigars (Club Macanudo is a friendly environment for non-cigar smokers as well). We anticipate the event will go from 6pm - 10pm.

The Fortis F-43 Jumping Hour watches come in 43mm wide cases that seem to wear large due to the wide lugs and strap. The impressively large crown also helps the piece appear bigger. The crown is imbued with the Fortis crown logo, and the entire case is quite simple in its design being fully brushed and water resistant to 200 meters. So yea, you can practically go diving with these (despite them not having lume).

Rolex Cosmograph Daytona 116506 In Platinum Hands-On: An Homage To Paul Newman? Hands-On

The Shark Diver line started out at 45mm, added a 42mm model and now has 40mm as well. As someone who prefers 38-40 for wearability, this is great news. With three sizes and many dial colors, the hard part now is the decision!

The questions then are what will an iWatch product do? What will make it special? What features will it have? And for me, how will it change or influence the larger timepiece market? What the following article seeks to do is discuss what an Apple watch might look like. What features it is likely to have, and why we haven't seen one yet. I've also asked a few industry experts to chime in with what they think Apple has in store for us.

Both of these watches have a lot in common. Most important to IWC is probably that they are each produced as part of the brand's relationship with the Mercedes AMG Pertronas race team that competes in Formula 1 races. IWC more or less transformed the Ingenieur collection from a sort of manly science watch to a racing watch. Make of that what you will as the designs haven't really changed. As I am not really into Formula 1, that connection is cool, but doesn't make or break the deal for me. But since IWC put all that time and effort into working with the race team, it is worth mentioning.

Tudor uses two springs and the action is very good. They neither feel too tight or too loose. They are also locked to ostensibly prevent them from pulling too far and damaging the coils. That should translate into many years of worry-free use. I don't think that Tudor intends for people to use the spring system all the time, but rather that it serve as the diver's extension for the most part. The entire system is polished, intuitive, and overall well-engineered. Even if you don't have much use for it, you have to give a thumbs up to its existence.

Again, the Saxonia in platinum is an incredible wristwatch with a beautiful movement, and I would likely go out of my way to find excuses to wear it as often as possible if it were part of my personal collection.  Ultimately, it is a piece of art, and if you can swallow the ,400 price tag, I’d highly recommend considering it as an alternative to the more common luxury brands.

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With a Rolex, of course, there's also a balancing game of how "original" you want to keep it. I'm sure there are purists who would state you should leave things be, so that may be something to consider if you want to restore it in the first place. But, it is probably OK if it is restored by Rolex themselves with original parts.

Operating the movement is very pleasing. Breitling offers a top-notch experience that is sure to satisfy people interested in the watch as a high-performance machine versus status symbol. In fact, that is one of the main reasons Breitling does well in the United States. That being because people don't just see it as luxury item, but rather as a solid and good looking high-end tool watch. While the brand and watch construction is totally Swiss, there is a certain American feel to the design of the Breitling Chronomat. This particular dial is black with silvered subdials, but other color versions are available.

Let’s do an economic exercise: An Omega Speedmaster Professional cost 5 in 1973. Today it’s going for ,500. The CPI in the USA from 1973 to present is 44.4. All things being equal, this watch should be selling for around ,215 today. Accounting for currency fluctuations, maybe a bit higher. Has the watch evolved into such a higher state of craftsmanship that it justifies this higher price above the normal inflationary forces? It really hasn’t changed much: same watch; same functions; and same materials. Further, Omega did their own in-house movements in 1973, but now they use their parent company’s movement, and share the technology with several watch brands.

Available to start in only 18k white or pink gold, you know the Génie 01 is designed exclusively for predicting the weather at formal or executive events. Try going hiking with it and the park ranger will stop you for being over-dressed. We live in a society with rules, and if you just start ignoring them, all hell could break loose. At 44.7mm wide, Breva designed the watch to fit comfortably on most wrists. ProTrek owners have to still deal with the rigors of 50mm. Though I have a feeling Casio produces a much lighter timepiece. I seriously want to take the two watches out in the field to road test them. That would probably make for the single greatest comparison article I’ve ever produced. The ultimate test between tradition and technology.

We wouldn't say that there is a "cheat" to sizing watch bracelets or changing straps, but there is certainly a set of best practices. When it comes down to it, you need to assess the situation carefully and choose the proper tools. Few people are equipped like watch makers, but there are a few things you can get that will help. Remember that while many watches use similar parts to connect straps or bracelets to cases, there are no universal tools. Below are some budget suggestions, but a lot of the best tools are made by companies such as Swiss Bergeon. Though, unless you are very well well-funded it can be difficult to recommend them over the far (far) cheaper Chinese tools.

A: This show will give the budding collector the opportunity to evaluate and purchase high grade timepieces and converse with knowledgeable experts from across the nation. They are also invited to bring along their own timepieces for Q&A with the experts.

I don't know if you've noticed, but watches with perfectly white dials are rare, especially sport watches. When I think of other sport watches with a white dial I pretty much only think of certain versions of the IWC Aquatimer (which are also very well done) and the Rolex Explorer II.  Aside from those and maybe a few other examples, you simple don't see high-end white dialed sport watches. Which is a total shame because when white faces are done well, they look fantastic. There is a good reason though why you see few white faces on watches: legibility.