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Bezel                                       Brushed stainless steel containing elements from the original bodywork of a DeLorean sports car

Kids aren’t going to buy watches for themselves. They don’t really buy anything for themselves and don’t really have any money. What they do ask for is junk food and toys – that they see on TV. Also the stuff their friends have and show off. How do kids get stuff? Adults. The parents and relatives of children need to buy them watches. These purchases will mostly take the form of gifts. Adults need to buy watches for the kids who are close to them. Why would they do this? Well adults buy things for kids all the time, in the form of gifts, coming-of-age tokens, or simply to show love. What the watch industry needs to do is remind adults that watches are a good option for each of these occasions.

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Overall, the Santos 100 makes for a stylish daily watch that can easily be worn at the club or in a business meeting. My only quibble with the Santos 100 is its relatively high-price, ,400 for the large version (shown here) and ,250 for the smaller (W2020007). This is especially true when you consider that Cartier uses their caliber 49 movement for this watch, which is a modified ETA 2892.

Attached to the Graham Chronofighter Oversize Wildlife Chronograph watches are textile straps of various colors. Nothing says wildlife safari like a fabric strap to remind you of what types of tents our forefathers slept in. Inside the watches is the Graham caliber G1747 automatic chronograph movement which is a flipped and modified base ETA 7750. Overall these are fun watches with a lot of wearability as well as character. Well done and I certainly like where (Swiss) Graham is going. Price is ,900.

Junghans Meister Handwind Watch

Junghans Meister Handwind Watch

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The GMT Seamaster comes with a steel bracelet with alternating brushed and satin polished lugs. There are nine total  links with four small polished ones. Once adjusted for length, using pushpins (not screws, as is now common), the bracelet is easily one of the most comfortable steel bracelets I own. I never experienced any pinching or arm hair getting stuck between the lugs. The bracelet size is not small but also not large enough to make this watch wear big. It feels just right given the ability to micro adjust.

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As a gadget lover, this all sounds pretty awesome. And the funny part is that as a watch lover, I have to meld my mind around the idea of wearing a non-mechanical watch. For the Astron GPS Solar I would heartily make the exception. Get this puppy on my wrist pronto, Seiko! Astron is the historic name of the world's first quartz movement-based wrist watch, released by Seiko in 1969. The brand brought the name back for a limited edition 40th anniversary piece, and now again for this very modern watch. Does this signal the return to the Astron name? Maybe a bit.

Brown Safe is an interesting company, and I don't know of any others like it. I visited their new headquarters here in Southern California to check out a pair of custom Chronos Safes, and to learn more about what they do. Brown Safe is by all means an extremely successful company that does not appear to need to produce high-end safes for private customers. I think they do it because they simply like to. Brown Safe Manufacturing was started by founder Frederick Brown in 1980. A former soldier and engineer, Brown stumbled upon the safe industry and seemed to decide he could do it better. With connections to the military, he was quickly able to offer products the US Government and military needed. I believe today, the majority of Brown's business comes from its government contracts. Providing safety equipment (safes, vault doors, etc...) to the military and government isn't exactly easy. This business model has forced Brown (like other military contractors) to rigorously test and improve their products to very exacting specifications.

The goal is to get young people wearing more watches and to grow up with a bit of watch culture. I suggest a two pronged approach to achieving this. One prong is product related, and the other is marketing related. Let’s talk about marketing first.

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Hands Faceted, polished and sandblasted hands

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LAST CHANCE: Tissot T-Race Watch Giveaway

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