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the Omega GSotM (Grey Side of the Moon)

Oris Big Crown Pointer Date Watch Watch Releases

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The grade 316L stainless steel case is going to be a large 50mm wide and 100 meters water resistant. The crystal on both sides will be sapphire and "super" anti-reflective coated on the dial for nice glare-free viewing (a must). LUM-TEC's MDV (maximum darkness visibility) lume just keeps getting better. The Lumzilla comes with the newest generation LUM-TEC MDV GX luminant on the hands and dial. You can tell how richly the luminant has been applied. The cases is also available in a black PVD coated version.

First Series Omega Speedmaster CK2998-1, an absolute grail watch

See Van Cleef & Arpels watches on eBay here.

Van Cleef & Arpels Midnight Extraordinary Series Watches For 2010 Shows & Events
Vintage Rolex Oyster Perpetual Air King Precision SS Full Size Automatic 1975
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Nice timepiece and something pretty different from Tutima right? I got to check out this watch direct from Tutima who was nice enough to show it to me while I was at JCK in Las Vegas. This is one of Tutima's new timepieces that was released at Basel and represents a bold look maintaining a very high level of functionality. Tutima is located in Glashutte Germany right around a few other famous German watch brands. What I really like about the watches is that you can see a Tutima watch from the 1920s and you can recognize it as being from the same brand as Tutima watches of today. They have done an excellent job of keeping the character and heritage of the brand intact. Two major parts of that are the signature coined bezel (not on all their watches though), and the classic looking hands.

Omega Speedmaster Grey Side Of The Moon Meteorite versus New Rolex Daytona Ceramic

Please be aware right now that this is a watch best suited to larger wrists. For one thing, the strap is pretty large, even at the smallest hole, the strap is for at least medium to large wrists. The attractive leather strap with the reptile print embossing and honey brown color is comfy and nice to look at. It has a steel push-button butterfly deployment clasp with a nice Jorg Gray signature on it. If the strap is too large on you, it should be possible to make another hole in the strap with an awl (for those of you who know what you are doing, otherwise take it to a pro).

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60 Years of Speedmaster - An Overview

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Not sure if the watch will arrive in a white dial version, but it may. As you can see you can also get the watch on a rubber strap. Prices are higher than the Grande Date, but still acceptable given the look and brand. At The Watch Gallery, prices are 1,195 British pounds for the steel bracelet version. Less of the rubber bracelet. Not sure about what US prices are going to be like - but a nice looker that will first a home on many happy wrists.

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Magnus Walker 911 And His Omega Speedmaster

Union Glashutte Noramis Watch: Poor Man's Chopard L.U.C Slim Watch Releases

Inside the watch is an automatic mechanical movement and the watch itself is water resistant to 100 meters. This is a higher-end sports model from Cartier as it is in gold, and there is also a chronograph version available. You may opt for an alligator strap that I am sure can be attained (watch has a 22mm wide strap). Retail price is a bout ,000, but you can usually find it from ,000 - ,000. All part of the cost of Cartier ownership.

This is one of Ball's newly overhauled watch designs for 2009. It is the new Ball Fireman Automatic watch and starts at just 9 (,099 on the steel bracelet). It has a few dial tones and is a handsome watch with a few types of styles in the design. Some pilot watch, some diver watch, and even a little Eterna Kontiki thrown in there. The five dial color accents available are brown, yellow, red, green, and white. Each has a leather strap with the sides that match the dial color (but the white dial has blue on the strap, as seen above). Ball calls it a  nice entry level mechanical watch and I am inclined to agree.

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Or, download/stream .mp3 here: Tourbillons, Watch Dos and Don'ts, Hot Deals

My Chopard Classic Racing Chronograph Watch Article On

My Chopard Classic Racing Chronograph Watch Article On

I think a revolution in watch making is finally due. The being the official legitimate entrance of the quality Chinese watch maker. "But the Chinese have been making watches, and watch parts for years" you say. Yes, but how many Chinese watch brands do you know of? Just a scant few. Sea-Gull is one of them, but really who else that you'd take seriously? Over the last few years some of the major Chinese watch makers who have been making the parts in other popular watches have decided that they need to get into the game of having their own brands. It is a totally novel concept for them because most Chinese watches are labeled as something else. Be it a legitimate foreign company or a knock-off of something else. The next obvious step for China is to have more actual brands that non Chinese people want to buy. These fledgling companies still have a lot to work out, but here is a timepiece from a new brand called Praesto that I think you'll really enjoy, the modern looking Praesto Fliegeruhr Aviator watch.

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You don't see Universal Geneve watches in the US to often, but they are pretty common in Europe. I was surprised to see a number of them being sold when I was in Germany. So if you don't see them for sale in the US, you merely need to take a trip online. Wait, you are already there. These Microtor watches by Universal Geneve are going to be officially launched at Baselworld 2010 in April, so wait until then if you can't bear to live without one.

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This collection is really a great idea from Omega. It was only a matter of time before their Olympic connection went more mainstream. Typically the Olympics theme is only used with limited edition watches that are great, but high in cost and hard to find. Now Omega has decided that the Olympics connection is more mainstream marketable (still not cheap though) - something which which I agree. Thus, we have at least four new watches in the "Olympic Timeless Collection" that not only has very attractive watches, but deeply imbues each timepiece with a classic style and the Olympics + Omega connection.

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Specs direct from Casio:

Visit the website here.

RGM 300 Professional Diver Mother-of-Pearl Dial Watches

RGM 300 Professional Diver Mother-of-Pearl Dial Watches

Hands-On With The Omega Speedmaster CK2998 Reference 311.

Lastly, any software is an ongoing commitment. You don't just make it and then forget it. All apps are software and are thus never really done. If one commits to an application, they also commit to updating it and fixing issues down the road. The second the consumer notices that a brand has a mobile phone application, they will expect it to be updated often and in a timely manner with ALL new products and some news.  If a brand isn't able to keep their website up to date with good information, they surely aren't going to be able to handle an iPhone app.

See this Richard Mille Automatic Extra Flat RM 016 watch in white gold on James List here.

HourTime Show Podcast Episode 10 – The “Before SIHH 2010” Episode

HourTime Show Podcast Episode 10 – The “Before SIHH 2010” Episode

LUM-TEC LUMzilla Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

Diver Watches for Holiday Getaways

* Case: 44mmx12mm
* Lug width: 22mm
* Glass: Flat sapphire glass (case back mineral)
* Movement: Swiss manual movement ETA 6498-1
* Modifications by Soprod
* Cote de Geneve finishing
* chronometre grade adaptations, screwed balance
* Dial: Hand forged Damascus steel with grade-5 titanium index markers.
* Crown: Oversize in Damascus stainless steel with large gold fitted diamond
* Hands: Polished and blued
* Handcrafted and naturally tanned reindeer strap with traditional Lappish tin ornamentation

Parmigiani Will Use Bubbles To Prevent Watch Replicas With Prooftag

Parmigiani Will Use Bubbles To Prevent Watch Replicas With Prooftag

See for example this gold Chopard L.U.C Slim. Sure it is a very pretty watch, but the price is probably over ,000. It looks great, but is it "THAT" great? Not sure. The Noramis will set you back about 1,380 euros retail (maybe ,500 bucks in more places). Inside the watch you get a Union caliber 25892A2 (which is really just a Swiss ETA 2829) automatic movement. Realize that the Chopard is manually wound. The Noramis is just 11mm thick, and the case is 40mm wide which is enough given the thin bezel.The crystal of course is sapphire and the case is water resistant to 30 meters.

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