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2. Similar language, only regarding the timepiece's warranty information along with legal notices.

JCB is a smart collector as well. He watches most of the major watch auctions but knows his stuff. Never bidding on items that simply recirculate through the hands of collectors looking to make a quick buck. JCB looks for the unique and the rare. Items either never before in auction, or having seen long absences from the public world. It is a joy to listen to him talk of the intricacies of watch collecting and Patek Philippe. His reverence for Thierry Stern, the CEO of Patek Philippe is sincere. He does see the brand as a shining jewel in the watch industry. Though again, when it comes to wearing watches, he is partial to Hublot. Of which he has many. Making it clear to me that each Hublot watch he wears, he purchases himself. His house is an Hublot household. His wife and children are all dedicated Hublot lovers. Each faithful to father with an Hublot on their wrists.

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Rolex GMT watches

The piece is a beauty. Lovely in the tradition of the Type XX, it looks both retro and somehow modern at the same time. The case is medium sized at 39mm wide in a high polished steel, win that great iconic style with the coined (fluted) edge. The rotating bezel has raised relief numerals and markers with black lacquer set in the between them. While the case size is smaller than today's modern Type XXI watches (for example), it is a bit larger than the original Ref. 3800 watches from the 1960s.

Thomas Prescher Triple Axis Tourbillon Regulator Watch Watch Releases

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Louis Chevrolet Driver 1911 Watch Watch Releases

Here is one of their interesting watches with a rather long, Italian-sounding name (though this is a Swiss brand). This is the Chronographe Suisse Mangusta Super Meccanica Stupenda watch. And it is 'stupendous!' Yea, the dial is a bit of a mixture between Chanel and Omega, but that is OK. Others have even copied this design. The thin hour markers and hands combined with the high contrast back and while dial make for a compelling modern look. The style is even available with various dial colors and bezel treatments. It is actually a variation on the Mangusta Supermeccanica, which is another watch in the brand's collection.

In that video you can see exactly how this movement operates. The tourbillon is oriented at an incline, and moves around its axis once each 24 seconds. For that reason there is a subsidiary 60 seconds dial that is placed right next to it. Movement is the Greubel Forsey made calibre GF 01, and like all Greubel Forsey movements, it is beautifully designed and finished. I want to mount out (because you'll likely miss it), that the bridge over the tourbill0n is different in this model (compared to previous models - that were actually called the Tourbillon 24 Seconds Incline watch. The bridge is now an elegant arch. There is actually gold in the movement as well, and on various other parts of the watch (such as for the chatons, some bridges, Greubel Forsey logo, etc... If you look carefully, you'll also notice titanium parts of the movement as well. The movement has 72 hours of power reserve, and in addition to the time and tourbillon, has a power reserve indicator on the dial. Realize that the movement is all hand decorated and finished. The work is so detailed, so meticulous that it is hard to believe someone would take the time to do it. But at Greubel Forsey, and at Greubel Forsey prices, that is part of what you are paying for.

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This is a very interesting and nice to look at women's watch from Van Cleef & Arpels. If I was a woman, then I would likely start saving up for one. Pennies, nickles, and dimes until I reached 6,000. The watch is the Pont des Amoureux, which means lover's bridge. The complication makes it such that the two figurines  connect at midnight for a "kiss." This was no easy task actually. Check out this image of the watch internals. Just a small part of this area is dedicated to the manually wound mechanical movement. The rest is for the complex retrograde minute and hour hands.  The watch is also in 18k white gold, with lots of diamonds, and the dial is totally hand painted. A real piece of art work with what Van Cleef & Aprels calls a "poetic complication" - how sweet.

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Roland Iten R8 Mk.II Luxury Belt Buckle Hands-On Exclusive Luxury Items

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For many of the functions you will need to rely on the smaller LCD screen. That will be your go to space for the chronograph, alarms, countdown timer, calendar, readings for the sensors, and other information. For years Casio has learned to skillfully use small LCD screens for such functions. While each is totally useful, I still recommend an all digital Pathfinder watch if you are going to be using these functions extensively. It just makes more sense when you have more LCD screen real estate. But if you are going to be mainly using the watch for time, with the occasional need for the other functions, then this is a solid choice.

Cartier Roadster S Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

For me, the ideal way of getting a Maurice de Mauriac was isn't by sitting in an office or shop, but rather in a place like an outdoor cafe in Zurich - where the brand and its principle, Daniel Dreifuss, are based. I imagine sitting over coffee while Mr. Dreifuss takes watches out of a case alongside papers with colors and dials and all sorts of options. It isn't about buying what he had to offer, but about him making what I want to see. Sitting in the Swiss metropolis, you get a good idea of what you want your watch to look like in practice, as opposed to in a white store setting. No doubt this is how many of Maurice de Mauriac's customers choose the look of their next watch.

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Replica Rolex Datejust

Richard Mille is taking a lot of John’s time these days — but that is a good thing. While no one is spared the problems of the recession. Simonian’s business feels solid. At least that is the reputation I get from him. One of the things I admire about John is his innate desire to take risks. You have lots of people in the watch industry that act only on numbers — making decisions based almost purely on facts and figures (which ironically are sometimes not very factual). Taking chances is really the best way of becoming something in any industry. Of course, you need intelligence to accompany bravery.

Why the "Frog?" According the MB&F one of their customers said the two dome-like structures on the original HM3 looked like frog's eyes sticking out of water - as frogs enjoy being in water with their eyes exposed to look for prey. If you read my above article you'll see that while I agree the domes looked like eyes, they are more like robot eyes. So MB&F liked the idea enough that they wanted to make a watch that truly indulged this frog fantasy. The project was much more complicated than simple changing the domes which are used for the time (one for hours, the other for the minutes). The problem was that on the original HM3 the hour dome turned once each 24 hours, but the design of The Frog called for it to turn once each 12 hours. This apparently was cause for lots of movement changes. Plus, the domes are heavier and mounted much differently. The dome "eyes" are under a perfect dome of sapphire crystal in all black and white colors. There is a tear drop shape on the top (inside the crystal) that indicates whether the dome is used for the minutes or hours. The pointed tip of the tear drop indicates where you look to read the minutes or hours.

I really like a lot of what Azimuth does (even though some of it is really weird), and their functional pieces are pretty great as well - including these watches here. But most of the new Xtreme-1 collection watch have the name of "Sea Hum." Who OKed that name? It sounds like a bad sailor's song. "Not again with the bloody sea hum Morris!" I met with Azimuth and checked out then neat watches.

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Nubeo Women’s Jellyfish Watch Watch Releases

The timepiece, as designed by Ruchonnet and built by Cabestan is interesting. Ruchonnet is one of today's most prolific watch designers - having accolades with many brands. Thus, while he is the Cabestan designer, hes talents are spread widely to many brands. Cabestan made a name for itself with a crazy cool watch called the Winch Tourbillon Vertical. The watch was originally designed by Ruchonnet and master watch maker Vianney Halter. An image of the original Cabestan can be see among the images in this article. The current Winch Tourbillon Vertical is a bit different but retains the same concept. The movement is surprisingly accurate for a mechanical calibre being accurate to within about 1 second a date. It features exotic complications such a fusee and chain transmission of power from the mainspring barrel to the movement, as well as a vertically oriented tourbillon escapement wheel. Functions include the time (with hours, minutes, and seconds) as well as a power reserve indicator. A small winch is used to wind the movement manually. Even if the design isn't for you, you can't help but appreciate the incredible level of finishing and decoration the watch has if you get to check one out.

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Breitling Superocean Heritage

Number of components: 304

Hublot’s building is quite literally the shape of a box. Square and black, it feels like a suitable, complimentary look to house the brand’s activity. The Hublot’s black box is surrounded by green. There is very little industrial about farmland. Forget that most of Switzerland feels like farmland. I am reminded by the Robin William’s movie, Toys. If you recall the movie, you’ll know what I mean.

The 165 Years - Homage to F.A. Lange Collection includes three watches. They are not new watches per se, but done with unique treatment. Each on a new gold color called "honey gold." More on that in a sec. The watches each have guilloche engraved dials, which is rare for the brand these days.  First is the Tourbograph "Pour le Merite," then the Lange 1 Tourbillon, and finally the quite new 1815 Moonphase watch.

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IWC has a really interesting history, and I won’t try to sum it up here. The brand was actually started by an American, and occurred at the time when Swiss labor was actually cheaper than American labor — at least this is my understanding. Since that time (a long time ago), the brand has transformed a lot, and currently under Richemont Group ownership, thrives as one of the most well-respected luxury watch brands around. The exact details of when the brand started to current day IWC apparently were unknown to any one person. So IWC decided to put together a book to document its history. Which is what this new (and massive) IWC book is all about - and it is called "IWC: Engineering Time Since 1868."

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Eterna Heritage Super KonTiki 1973 Limited Edition Watch

Eterna Heritage Super KonTiki 1973 Limited Edition Watch

In some respects the watch looks like a (more) metrosexual Cartier. The blued steel hands (gold in at least some of the pieces0 are larger than you might expect and stylized just a bit less than Louis the XIV's wardrobe. The dial is rich with artistic merit, and could never be referred to as busy or too complex. Though it is a "full dial." There is a central ring to help with telling the time. The tapered Roman numerals look sharp, and sexy. Blown up more than Cartier's versions.Adding to the legibility and poise of the watch is a sapphire crystal that has been coated with AR on both sides.

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